Demonstratoren – Demonstrators

RecyTape by ITA

Up to 60 % of the mechanical properties of virgin fiber tape

highly oriented carbon fibers with adjustable fiber volume content

Processing possible with modern wallpapering methods

Direct molded ribs

Recycled carbon fibers perfectly fill specified rib structure

High stiffness achievable due to ribbing

Complex geometries with ribbing possible due to the flowable ribs

Generic component from the CaRinA project

Good formability of the nonwoven made from recycled carbon fibers given

Nonwovens made from recycled carbon fibers can be ideally used in variothermal and thermoforming processes.

Nonwoven made from recycled carbon fibers is suitable for industrial processes.

Door module from the CaRinA project

Demonstrator for the automotive sector

Large area component

High quantities possible

Underbody from the CosiMo project

Nonwovens made from recycled carbon fibers and from glass fibers

In-situ polymerization of PA6 directly in the mold for optimum impregnation

Local reinforcements from unidirectional tapes

Partially consolidated structure

Partial consolidation in institute's own hot furnace process

High stiffness due to the geometry

Low density of the partially consolidated areas lead to optimum lightweight properties