Survey Recycling Categories

The ReHubs initiative by EURATEX, focused on establishing a circular economy for textiles in Europe. Within the Initiative, four projects have been launched, one being the Turning Textile Waste into Feedstock project initiated and led by TEXAID. This project aims to establish scalable sorting facilities in Europe to address the sorting and technology gap for achieving a circular economy. The project has just begun the first phase of a six-month technology assessment, with a demo facility and full-scale sorting plant to follow. Many notable companies are participating in the project to evaluate technologies and the business case for scaled sorting. The project is a significant step towards achieving a circular loop for textiles and scaled sorting for textile circularity in Europe.

The survey’s goal is to identify specifications for recycling technologies to create defined and consistent raw material flows as input for textile recycling. The survey targets existing and future recycling technologies for open and closed-loop recycling, with the goal of enabling a circular economy for textiles.

The data collected from the survey will be handled anonymously and used to define recycling categories and sorting requirements, which will be crucial in establishing a circular economy for textiles in Europe. The data from the survey won´t be published and will only be used internal to identify the needed specifications for different recycling technologies. Your participation in this survey will contribute to the development of sustainable textile recycling practices and help shape the future of the textile industry.

Thank you very much